Benefits to attend the conference:

  • Reach out to a broad audience: engage with experts on key issues in your area of expertise.
  • Endorse other organizations or prominent individuals, involving them in your activities or supporting their attendance and work
  • Lead: use the ACSTM as a highly visible platform to showcase your leadership and pioneering initiatives
  • Raise your corporate profile with top senior executives
  • Connect with the thought leaders and gain insight into future trends
  • Collaborate with prospects and clients in a positive learning environment


Asian Conference on Science, Technology & Medicine (ACSTM) is one of the major recognized regional event which encourages effective knowledge transfer amongst the global scientific community. It aims to strengthen its action and impact on national, regional and international scales by fostering the collaboration and improve communication between scientists to facilitate scientific progress.

The top three factors which prompt participants to attend are:
   •  Networking and developing new partnerships
   •  Listening to renowned international experts
   •  Learning and sharing best practices

The ACSTM is an initiative of the Asian Council of Science Editors to support the organization’s purpose statement ‘fostering communication, collaboration and innovation across disciplines through organizing seminars, training workshops, short courses and conferences’.

The event takes place every year and is hosted by a local member of the ACSE.

Speakers at ACSTM 2019

List of eminent scientists who will present their research results at 2019 Asian Conference on Science, Technology & Medicine

Prof. A.E. Aboul-Ata

Dr. Gazi Mahabubul Alam

Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari

Dr. Mehmet Ozaslan

Dr. Ruchi Tiwari

Prof. Dr. Shakil Akhtar

Prof. Maria Gazouli

Dr. Anjum Ali

Prof. Muhammad Aslam

Dr. Rubina Hanif

Dr. Kaiser Jamil

Prof. Heba Salah Mohamed Hamed

Dr. M.A. Kozhuharova

Dr. Mona M. El-Husseiny

Dr. Bushra Naeem

Dr. Rachid Ait Addi

Ms. Ambreen Ashraf

Prof. Gomathinayagam

Dr. Ravindra P V

Mrs. Ishtar Imad Majeed

Dr. Sheeba Farhan

Dr. Sobia Aftab

Dr. Somaia Mohamed Alkhair

Prof. Ravikumar

Prof. Dr. Gulfaraz Khan

Mrs. Zahra Ghazavi

Prof. Nihad Khalawe Tektook

Dr. Hatem M. Elshafey

Dr. Humera Jahan

Dr. Nadjia

Dr. Ahmadi

Dr. Antresh Kumar

Prof. M. Baber

Dr. Prakashanand Caumul

Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Ms Fouzia Tanveer

Ms Sana Daud

Dr. Gargi Sarode

Dr. Geetha E

Dr. Kuldeep Dhama

Dr. Ashikur Rahman

Dr. Mona Shaaban

Dr. Muhammad Safdar

Dr. P. Boomi

Dr. Ravi Subban

Dr. Sachin Sarode

Dr. Sarika Gupta

Dr. Satish Kumar

Dr. Shaymma

Dr. Tri Widyawati

Adithya D. Shetty

Mr. Majid Ullah

Mr. Nafiu Aminu

Rakshith Bhandary

Mr. Santosh Nayak

Mr. Yufeng Zhou

Dr. Anita Juric

Dr. Ghulam Hussain

Dr. Mumin A. Erdogan

Dr. Tariq Jamil

Dr. M. Fauzan E. P.

Greater Oyejobi

Mrs. Amara Dar

Dr. Ahsan Akram

Dr. Jan Muhammad

Ms. Maria H. Kiyani

Mr. Sahabuddin Ahmed

Dr. Abd A. Al-Farha

Dr. Aneela Z. Durrani

Dr. Kalam Sirisha

Dr. Khaled Algayar

Ms. Fatima Ahsan

Ms. Munirah Zafar

Ms. Shabina Ishtiaq

Ms. Shilpa Sundar

Dr. Amad ud Din

Dr. Essa ali

Dr. Heyam S. Ali

Dr. M. Mazhar Iqbal

Dr. Nur Anisah M.

Dr. Pushpa Murthy

Dr. Ravi Varala

Dr. Shymaa K. Latheef

Mr. Abdalla M. Wedn

Ms. Rabya Bahadur

Dr. Huma Sharif

Dr. Sharad K. Yadav

Dr. N A Patil

Dr. Ravindra bhoyar

Mr. H.M. Resen Hmoud

Mr. Subashkumar Rathinasamy

Ms. Amnah Al Ani

Ms. Nuha Al-Ali

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